Topics and Contact

The following are some available topics for speaking engagements, written articles, interviews, or service as a subject matter expert.  I will work with you to adapt these or define others to meet the unique needs of your event, audience, and/or organization.


Selected Topics for Speeches, Presentations, and Articles:

  1. The Moral Hollowing of our Force: Much has been said of the dangers created by the physical hollowing of America’s military force over the past two decades. These dangers are real, and if not addressed will continue to have world-changing consequences. However, there is another threat to our military: the moral hollowing of the force and the moral failings of both military and civilian leaders. A military without moral foundation becomes not a force for good, but instead an easily-manipulated tool of oppression. I will detail the history of our military’s moral foundations, the indicators and implications of moral failures, and the path towards restoration.  Click here for an article on this topic.
  2. Virtue-Based Leadership: Contemporary theories on leadership, including “Servant Leadership” and “Transformational Leadership,” focus upon the interaction of the leader, followers, and organization toward the accomplishment of a mission. In most cases, this results in the leader favoring people, organization, mission, or, worse and too commonly, the leader’s own interests. Regardless of priorities set or followed, these theories result not in true leadership but in manipulation. True leadership can only occur when the leader starts with a foundation of virtue, putting that foundation ahead of his own interests and even those of his/her followers, organization, and mission.
  3. Reversing America’s Decline: The Need for Virtuous Leadership: Blessed with unmatched natural resources, human capital, and strategic geography, America has been a world leader in all respects. For most of the past century, the “Superman vision” of “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” has prevailed both at home and abroad, and the United States have had unparalleled influence through the classic instruments of national power: Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economy. Yet, moral failings of our governmental officials, and our own failure to hold them accountable to virtuous standards, have led to our nation’s decline. I will define and illustrate the history, current problems, and consequences of such failures, and present near- and long-term solutions through the principles of virtue-based leadership.  Click here for a short article addressing this topic.
  4. Building Tomorrow’s Virtuous Leaders Today: Though it is critical for us to take immediate action by electing virtuous leaders and holding them accountable to the highest standards today, perhaps our nation’s greatest hope and potential lies in creating tomorrow’s virtuous leaders. I will explain the concept of virtue-based leadership and the world-changing effects of instilling such principles in our youth through instruction and example.

Selected Subject Matter Expertise for Interviews, Consulting, and Advocacy: Virtue-Based Leadership, Ethics, Leadership, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Military, Veterans, The US Constitution, Aviation, Faith, and Mentorship.

I particularly enjoy opportunities to mold ideas through the simultaneous application of several of these areas.  For example: Developing and Implementing Faith-Based CISM Strategies.